Software and apps

Software and apps

Sheet music offered by our Supernoty online shop has two display options - it is saved in the database either as a file in the Sibelius notation program or as a PDF file. They differ primarily in the manner of working with the score before purchase. Scores in the PDF file can be viewed and printed, while scores in the Sibelius file can also be played back and transposed. The user can move through the pages of the score using a touchpad (trackpad), touchscreen, trackball or mouse, thus making maximum use of the screen space in relation to the size of the sheet music.


If the score is recorded in Sibelius, they can be played back directly in the web browser. The musical depiction of the displayed score is is generated on Sibelius servers in a high-quality manner, using musical samples from the Sibelius audio bank. You will hear the score almost exactly as they will sound on your instrument if you manage to play them.


After purchasing the score, Supernoty allows the printing of a copy (or a greater number of copies if duly purchased) directly from your web browser.

Browser support

Sibelius Cloud Publishing, on which our system is based, should operate without any problems on any HTML5 compatible browser. We keep up with browser development and never look back. We work with the following types of browsers:
Pro PC Chrome 39+, Firefox 34+ a Internet Explorer (Edge) 10+. Pro Macintosh pak Safari 8+ (vyžaduje OSX Yosemite).

Podporované prohlížeče

Therefore, some older browser versions may not function properly when working with Sibelius files.

Warning for users of iOS and Android
These platforms are currently not supported by Sibelius Cloud Publishing. Avid company solves this problem and will inform you as soon as possible. In practice, this means that you cannot download the full interactive preview and music won´t be played on these devices (eg. IPhone, iPad), but it will be possible to transpose the scores only. Plain preview you can see.