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Music and its various forms, types and genres are an integral part of a nation’s heritage. In every era, enthusiasts and experts strove to depict this musical face of national life and record its joys and sorrows, from masterful, sophisticated pieces to elementary folk songs with simple tunes. To this day, we are grateful to these often namely archivists, researchers and passionate collectors, because without their help, a number of genuine masterpieces and utterly simple stones in the mosaic of musical heritage would have been lost forever. They painstakingly recorded, rescued and care for every collectible piece with passion and determination. And it is thanks to them that we are able to obtain these treasures today.

In the 21st Century, the actions of explorers like František Sušil seem outdated. Indeed, wandering remote villages and listening to folk singers most likely wouldn’t bring any revolutionary discoveries, even though these people still exist, both on the part of collectors and on the part of old-timers. Nevertheless, we believe that with every new day, we lose much that is precious, sometimes irrecoverably. This applies in three ways: in sources of Czech, Moravian and Slovak music, but also in access to these sources. And finally, the possibility of working further with these sources.This is why we have come up with an offer that may not be entirely new, but is certainly more comprehensive, for the creation of a Czech, Moravian and Slovak note archive, which will offer a vast quantity of musical material of our nations, in the widest possible scope and range. And because we live in an age of information technology, it will be available in unified digital form at any time and any place, classified not only according to history and place of origin, but also according to various musical genres, instruments, solo and choir vocals and many other criteria.You have surely encountered a number of difficulties when searching for sheet music on the Czech and Slovak internet, which characterise the state of this segment until the present:Confusion and fragmentation of sheet music sourcesAmbiguities concerning copyright and sometimes open infringement on these rightsUnsatisfactory staffing and instability of the musical website environmentUrgent lack of archive sources and their digital cormsLow scope and standard of usable IT technologiesOffer in narrowly define “commercial” areas of musicAbsence of sheet music for a diversity of genres, forms, instruments, degrees of difficulty, authors, artists and additional information about compositions.

Dissatisfaction with this situation led us to build a brand new internet portal, which will gradually solve all of the aforementioned problematic aspects at once, comprehensibly, generously and above all responsibly. We believe that only this solution can truly bring about a fundamental change in the inadequate situation.

Welcome to the largest national sheet music portal - Supermusicnotes.com and the National Sheet Music Archive.